Vinyl Shelf Finder

Find your vinyl records using a Raspberry Pi powered laser! With integrated app that leverages your Discogs collection! You can also scrobble your vinyl on!

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See it in action - It'll blow your mind!

Demonstration of the system. Import your Discogs collection, input the positions in shelves (the hard part), then connect to the web app and find your record (the easy part)!

Mobile app - Connect and find

Node.js powered web app. Feeds off a Discogs collection and allows to trigger the laser finder, and to scrobble records. - Scrobble your vinyl

The app has integration and allows to "play" a record: it will send the selected tracks to to build your listening history. Obviously this is a manual step and you must remember to do this when you put the record on the turntable :)

Personal database - Save your listening

The "play" feature also saves the tracks to a local Sqlite database that can be retrieved at any time. This allows personal backups and to never lose any data. In the future it will be used to drive custom statistics.

Open Source - Free to use and improve

The app and the Raspberry Pi modules are all open sourced and hosted on Github. Any record collector can recreate the system and improve upon it.github/vinyl-shelf-finder

  • TO-DO
  • Ability to connect to any Discogs account
  • Modify integration to web auth
  • The servo pan-tilt is very inaccurate - research stepper motor solution
  • Research if possible to automate the manual position entry
  • Write custom statistics like shelves heatmap
  • Redo the web app into mobile one via tools like Phonegap

Work in progress - Missing features

For now the project is of personal nature only. Lots of things are hard-wired and won't scale. The whole thing also depends on the willingness to enter shelf positions in the Discogs collection. If enough outside interest gathers I will look on expanding it.

Valentin Galea